The following are items on our wish list :

  • A vehicle (pickup or panel van) for wolf transport and general use.
    This is becoming a priority since our current pickup really is on it’s last legs.
  • Wire and other items for electric fencing.
  • Jackals wire and poles for enclosures and repairs.
  • Large dog kennels or similar structures for shelter and dens.
  • Cement, bricks and plastic sheeting for construction of new dams.
  • New sliding type gates at the entrance with possibly a Centurion type motor.
  • Equipment for the camping site such as additional solar panels and deep cycle batteries. Also in need of a usable fridge that can be powered by the solar system.
  • A new heavy duty inverter and / or a medium sized petrol or diesel generator for the camping area.
  • A large diesel generator as a backup power source for the cooler room.
  • One or two petrol powered brush cutters.
  • A small compressor (even a hobby type will do).
  • Kindly get in touch with Larry if you can assist with any of the above.